January 29, 2016

Friendship Families

VU Friendship FamilyINTERLINK Friendship Families at UNCG:

  • assist international students by creating and building strong relationships with American families in the local Triad area
  • help students learn and understand American culture
  • give American families an opportunity to learn about other world cultures
  • provide an emotional support system for students who may be far away from their own family.

If you are interested in hosting an international student, fill out the Friendship Family Application and we will try to pair you with one of our current students.

We are open to all types of families including traditional, retired couples, singles, or single-parent families. All walks of life and economic levels are welcome into the program.

As a friendship family, we want you to encourage students to meet with you often throughout your time together. The types of activities and number of activities done together varies from family to family.

Click here for the Friendship Family ApplicationFor more details, please contact the Director, Patrick Lilja, by email at patrick.lilja@interlink.edu.


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