April 8, 2015

Conversation Partner Program

10750332_10152734637444822_1006518945383882447_oINTERLINK’s Conversation-Partners Program offers non-native English speakers a chance to learn outside of the classroom with English-speaking peers. The goals of this casual experience include: helping an INTERLINK student improve his/her English; learning about a new culture; building awareness of world views; and possibly forming new friendships. It is important to note that the Conversation-Partners Program is not meant to be a tutoring or homework-help service.

A conversation partner agrees to meet with his/her partner at a mutually convenient time and place to talk, listen, and learn. We ask that participants be willing to meet with their partner for at least one hour, once a week for three months.

Any UNCG or INTERLINK student is welcome to apply to the program (the INTERLINK student should be in level 2 or higher). The meetings will be in English. You must be available for at least one hour a week for three months. Also, you must be committed to talking, listening, and learning about another culture.

We accept applications on a rolling basis, but most participants are paired at the beginning of each 9-week session (January, March, May, August, and October).


Anyone interested in the program must fill out the the online application. Please be aware that you may need to wait a few weeks before you are matched. Once you are matched, you will receive an email from the INTERLINK office with your partner’s name and email. We do our best to pair participants based on common schedules, interests, and preferences.

Fill out the application online HERE

For questions about the program

1.)  Look at the Conversation Partner Handbook HERE for the answer.

2.)  If you can’t find the answer in the handbook contact our Student Assistant, Heaven Pearce, at Heaven.Pearce@interlink.edu.

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