January 29, 2016

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INTERLINK UNCG Student Handbook

UNCG Campus Resources

UNCG Event App

  • https://cap.uncg.edu/corq/
    • Search for Corq in your phone apps. Add the app and search for University of North Carolina Greensboro. Now you can see most of the events offered on campus!

UNCG Writing Center

  • UNCG’s Writing Center assists students with papers, helping them clarify the goals of the paper and gain control of the writing process. Services that are offered include: face-to-face consultations, online consultations via Instant Messenger, and online consultations via email.
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UNCG Speaking Center

  • UNCG’s Speaking Center provides peer-to-peer feedback, guidance, and other support in the areas of public speaking preparation and delivery, interpersonal communication, and group or team communication.
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Student Success Center

Office of Intercultural Engagement

  • The UNCG Office of Intercultural Engagement bases its philosophy on inclusion-fostering recognition and respect for the voices of all students and contributes to the University’s academic mission in providing student-centered programs. It serves a critical role in providing learning opportunities for students that promote awareness and respect for cultural diversity and offer opportunities to provoke thought and expand cross-cultural and inter-cultural knowledge. The Office of  Intercultural Engagement strives to contribute to a community in which all students feel safe and empowered to recognize and act on one’s social responsibility in relation to domestic and global issues. It offers advocacy, programming, and support systems to encourage students to realize the highest level of their potential, particularly as it pertains to the University’s retention and graduation efforts of traditionally under-served student populations (such as, but not limited to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression).
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Career Services Center

  • The Career Services Center provides professional guidance and resources to undergraduate students for their lifelong career development. Programs and services assist with career planning and decision-making, as well as employment search activities.  In addition to sponsoring etiquette dinners, career fairs, and networking events, CSC staff can help students: explore career paths, find internships, learn interview & networking skills, prepare for graduate school, and write resumes and cover letters
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New Student Transitions & First Year Experience

  • The Office of New Student Transitions and First Year Experience provides a coordinated, comprehensive approach to enhancing first year student success and retention.  It also provides resources and services that enhance the college transition experience, communication efficiencies, and provides the necessary supports for families of our student required for improving student satisfaction, academic success, and retention.
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Dining Services on Campus

  • The operating times of restaurants on campus can be found here.

UNCG Campus Recreation

Student Recreation Center

  • Campus Recreation is your avenue to engage in various healthy and active endeavors designed to improve your overall well-being. Programs include:
    • Informal Recreation – access to cardio- and weight-training equipment
    • Intramural Sports – a combination of team and individual sports
    • Outdoor Adventures – access to The Edge – Indoor Climbing Wall
    • Group Fitness & Personal Training – classes and consultations
    • Club Sports – competitive and instructional sporting activities
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Campus Activities and Programs

  • Campus Activities & Programs provides and supports opportunities for students to get involved in different organizations throughout UNCG. Core responsibilities of the office include: managing major campus events, coordinating student group recognition, and providing student leadership training & development.
  • Campus Events Calendar
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College of Visual and Performing Arts

  • With around 1500 students, excellent facilities and an internationally recognized faculty of well over 100 members, the College of Visual and Performing Arts is a vibrant community of artists that produces more than 350 performances, exhibits, lectures and other events. The College is engaged with its community and committed to student success. As the largest and most comprehensive school of the visual and performing arts in North Carolina and one of the largest in the southeast and the nation, it has the capacity to provide experiences that other institutions cannot.
  • Upcoming events and performances and be found here.


UNCG Student Groups

UNCG Student Groups with an international focus – All INTERLINK students are eligible to join student groups at UNCG.  If interested in joining a particular group, e-mail the primary contact listed on the linked page.  A listing of all UNCG student groups can be found HERE.

  • African Students Union
    • This organization strives to establish an open social network where African culture and pride are promoted between UNCG students. Anyone is free to join!
  • Asian Students Association
    • The main goals of UNCG ASA are to promote academic success and leadership development among Asian and non-Asian students on campus, and to have better understanding of ethnically diverse Asian cultures through educational activities and civic responsibilities. UNCG ASA exists to develop the capacity to ensure the full participation of its members within the greater community of the UNCG campus and the Triad area.
  • Chinese Students and Scholars Association
    • The Chinese Students and Scholars Association at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, CSSA-UNGG for short, was founded in 2005. The CSSA-UNCG is a non-political, non-religions, and non-profit organization.
  • Deutsch Club
    • Club open to all UNCG students studying or interested in the German language and/or culture.
  • Filipino American Student Association
    • Filipino-American Student Association (FASA) was established in the fall of 2013 to create a united presence in Greensboro, NC, and beyond. Through FASA, our mission is to establish a network that inspires and motivates the growing Filipino population.
  • French Club
    • The members of French Club have a passion and appreciation for French language and culture including food, movies, current events, fashion, games, and music.
  • Hmong Student Association
    • A multicultural student group with focuses on Hmong culture and traditions, along with focuses on education and the community.
  • International & Global Studies Student Association (IGSSA)
    • This is the student organization of the International and Global Studies Program and all interested in international and current affairs. You do not need to be a IGS major in order to join.
  • International Student Association
    • Working in conjunction with the International Programs Center, we are an international student organization whose mission is to support and strengthen the international community on the UNCG campus. To accomplish our goal, we organize and sponsor numerous events on campus for both domestic and international students to better understand cultural diversity. Cornerstone programs include: Weekly Friday Cultural Festivals, UNCG’s Annual International Festival, Annual Semi-Formal, Fundraising events, volunteering opportunities.
  • Iranian Student Association of Greensboro
    • The Iranian Student Association of Greensboro (ISAG) is a registered student organization at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
  • JALWA:  Bollywood Dance Group
    • The word “jalwa” is a hindi word which means charisma. We are a culturally diverse dance and community service group focusing on educating about Indian culture through Indian forms of dance, both cultural/traditional, and bollywood/modern.
  • J-Club
    • We strive to create and maintain a community of students passionate about their love of Japanese culture and its many pockets, with major focuses on the Japanese Language, Society, and popular culture (anime, manga). Let’s learn about Japan together!
  • Korean Student Association
    • The Korean Student Association is a registered student organization at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
  • Montagnard American Association
    • Montagnard American Organization is an inclusive (not divided by tribe, ethnicity, language, church affiliation, school registration, or politics) group where there is no age restriction. We want to encourage further education and cultural preservation in the Montagnard community and UNCG. We plan to develop activities to support togetherness and provide information for higher education resources and support. We also plan to share our culture with everyone.
  • Muslim Student Association
    • The UNCG Muslim Student Association (MSA) strives to build unity through diversity and education. We aim to provide programs for people of all backgrounds, levels of knowledge and levels of piety to learn and meet with other Muslims on and off campus.
  • Nepalese American Student Association
    • This organization is open to all UNCG students. Our main focus is to better serve the community and to build relationships among each other and other cultures. This association shall promote, encompass, and preserve the culture of Nepal, unite individuals who share common or unique interests, and enhance the social and educational experience of all its members.
  • Ritmo Latino
    • Committed to enhancing the UNCG community’s understanding of the hispanic/latino culture through dance.
  • Research Association of Muslims
    • RAM@UNCG mission is to create an inclusive environment that is respecting and sensitive to all so that all UNCG affiliates come together and utilize research to help student and people in UNCG understand what Islam and Muslim means and how they can be utilized to increase the quality of life starting from our UNCG campus and UNCG body. Through building collaborate bridges with larger Greensboro Muslim community, all other groups, and especially religious/spiritual groups at UNCG to create meaningful and productive events (weekly conversations, panels) that are fitting with the spirit of Islam
  • Russian Language Society
    • We are a group of humorous, fun, down to earth people who love everything that involves Russia. We speak both Russian and English in this group. We help and teach Russian and talk about events, holidays, etc., in Russia!
    • The purposes of S.A.L.S.A are to provide a place for Hispanic/Latino students at UNCG to come together and fellowship while learning about their heritage, to enhance the UNCG community’s understanding of the Hispanic/Latino culture, and to render outside service to Hispanics/Latinos living the Greensboro/Triad area.
  • Society of Latino Leaders
    • This organization wants to render service to the community by fostering mentorship relationships with the Latino population in the Guilford County Schools. The organization will not only provide mentoring opportunities to the students but leadership training and education on other skillsets needed to become a successful professional.
  • Spanish Club
    • The Spanish Club is a group that meets weekly to enhance Spanish speaking abilities and knowledge of the Hispanic community.
  • Sustainable Development of Eastern Countries Club
    • This club was founded to assist developing countries in the east through making changes in how our community produces/consumes goods and services. Our main objective is to mobilize financial/humanitarian aid to the countries in need. Anyone is welcome to join this club, provided they have a passion for volunteer work and are willing to commit to this important cause.

Greensboro Resources

Greensboro Vistor’s Center

International Restaurant Row

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