September 30, 2014


The teachers at INTERLINK are truly amazing, professional, enthusiastic, and dedicated. They concentrate on your individual needs and help you improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing. They create a dynamic learning environment using new technology and the latest teaching methods in order to help you become an independent student so that you feel more self-confident with your use of English. The aspect of INTERLINK that I most enjoyed was the vibrant sense of community. Teachers create an open, friendly, and supportive atmosphere in class among people from different places.  I am extremely happy that I completed the program at INTERLINK and that I am going on to help others with their English. This is a very important step in my career and professional development. I hope many more students can enjoy the experience I had.
– Concha Muñoz, Student (Spain)

INTERLINK has an excellent program and professional teachers.  As the Chinese proverb goes, “teaching a man how to fish is better than giving him a fish.” Truly, INTERLINK provides useful and excellent methods to help students sharpen their English skills. INTERLINK promotes self-learning and lifelong learning. Moreover, INTERLINK has excellent teachers who serve as students’ instructors, mentors, and friends.
– Mei-Lan Chen, Student (Taiwan)

INTERLINK provided me with a lot of opportunities to improve my English skills. Compared to my previous ESL program, INTERLINK was very professional. I really liked that INTERLINK helped me both in class and outside of class. For example, I participated in the Conversation-Partners Program, which allowed me to understand American culture and to make American friends. Finally, the city of Greensboro was a great place to live.
– Mashal Aljehany, Student (Saudi Arabia)

Before INTERLINK, I was not proficient in the English language. I was able to read and write it, but I was unable to speak it. INTERLINK’s teachers were very helpful; they encouraged and motivated me to learn, and they were available whenever I needed them. INTERLINK’s teachers cared about my success, and they made sure I was prepared for life in university…INTERLINK will always be a part of my life story. Through INTERLINK, I met individuals who played a critical role in my destiny…As far as I am concerned, INTERLINK is not just an English as a Second Language center, it is also a connection center where every day, through various activities and learning resources, one has the privilege of connecting with people that might change his or her life forever.
– Theophilus Twum-Barima, Student (Ghana)

It was a great experience studying at the INTERLINK Language Center…It has well-organized intensive classes, including reading and writing and communication skills, and also it has an outstanding team of professional teachers. All teachers and staff members are very nice and dedicated to their jobs. When I needed help, they were always available and helpful, and they always provided individualized help to each student. In addition, I liked the atmosphere at INTERLINK. People were so friendly, and I felt free to talk with native English speakers at any time. I became outgoing and built my self-confidence when I studied in the program. I spent half a year at INTERLINK, and my English improved a lot, which makes me feel that I am ready to enter my MBA program in the future. I hope more and more students who want to improve their English can join this professional program.
– Tingting Wang, Student (China)

This program definitely prepares you for your academic future with its strong emphasis on writing and speaking in English. The classes not only help you become a competent speaker and a powerful writer, they also allow you to develop a deep level of control over your language skills. INTERLINK offers students new ways of learning while requiring an exceptionally high level of self-motivation and discipline. The intensive-learning model, combined with written and oral examinations on complex topics, was the key to my tremendous progress in English. With the INTERLINK certificate in my hand, I feel perfectly qualified to further my professional career.
– Nicole Schindler, Student (Germany)

INTERLINK provides teachers the opportunity to work in an open, collaborative, creative teaching environment. We are encouraged to try new things and learn through doing and experimenting, just like our students. This is conducive to our own learning and continual growth, which translates to a richer classroom experience for everyone. When teachers stay engaged in their own learning process, I believe it helps them guide their students to do the same.
– Liza Fate, Teacher

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