August 6, 2014


A limited number of homestays may be available.  Please contact the INTERLINK main office for more information. See options at American Homestay Network.

Off-campus apartments 
INTERLINK provides information about apartments located near the UNCG campus; however, we are not involved with contracts, security deposits, or the furnishing of apartments. It is best for students to see apartments before signing a contract, so we recommend arriving at least one week before the beginning of classes to visit sites and to complete paperwork. Prices typically range between $400-$800 per month, depending on the type/size of the apartment and the number of roommates. The length of the contract ranges between three months and one year. Students who are admitted to INTERLINK can request a list of apartments that have been recommended by current and former INTERLINK students.

On-campus housing
Living in a dorm provides great opportunities for learning English and meeting people. UNCG dorm rooms are very basic and include (two) beds, desks, chairs, closets or armoires, and chests of drawers. Each room also has a computer jack or wireless access and is air-conditioned. Prices for INTERLINK students currently range between $1140-$1705 per 9-week term, depending on the type of room available. Students who live on campus are required to purchase a campus meal plan, which costs $887 per 9-week term. Payment for both the room and the meal plan is made directly to INTERLINK during the first week of class. Students interested in staying on campus should contact INTERLINK to find out whether space is available. A $100 deposit is required to reserve a space.

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